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I wanted an inspiration board, so I could stop making so many holes on my wall. I decided to make the board itself inspirational. It is always good to have more colors, especially in summer, right?

What you need:
1. A cork board
2. Acrylic paints
3. Sticky tape or something to put the board on the wall
4. Pushpins to attach your inspiration on the board

First, I drew sunglasses on the cork with a dark pencil. You can draw your own or find whatever you like on the internet!

Next, I painted the background with white and yellow. To make it ombré, paint the upper half white and the bottom half yellow separately, then blend them with a brush.

Then, I made another ombré with a dark blue, blue, and purple paint. I love how purple adds a mysterious mood to the painting.

At last, I painted the sunglasses frame. I filled with pink and added the light and shadow with a white and purple paint.

I used the sticky tape that came with the cork boards to stick them on the wall.

Now it’s all ready. I can get more inspiration any time!